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About Us

We speak the good food language

Rajduth Tandoori is one of the best Indian restaurants in Caterham Valley, Surry. Rajduth Tandoori remains a firm favourite to those seeking the best dishes with high-quality fresh ingredients and a variety of innovative dishes intertwining rural roots with a modern twist, in amidst of a rich, warm, intimate and contemporary environment, allows us at Rajduth Tandoori to be true to our ways of providing quality food and warm service to our customers. 


We do serve a wide range of dishes like Pawn Puree, Chicken pakora, Vegetable Pakora as starters. We got special dishes for our customers like Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Tikka, Bhuna Tikka. Our menu always consists of classic dishes such as Bhuna Tikka as well as Britain’s most favourite Chicken Tandoori, alongside dishes which replicate our culture and tradition. Our inspiration for the food and design comes from a modern interpretation of combining the one of the best serving up classical Indian cuisine which not only tantalize the taste-buds but your palate will be astonished by the full-flavoured of savours and your eyes will be delighted by the astounding appearance, with such uniqueness we aim at providing you with a pleasurable and exquisite dining experience. 


Whether you are after a restaurant renowned for its fine dining  Rajduth Tandoori a place that prides itself on serving the finest, freshest high-quality ingredients, or a setting that boasts both simplicity and individuality, you’ll be spoilt for choice when dining at Rajduth Tandoori, Caterham Valley, Surry.